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What are the Group Policy settings available for Windows Installer?
Windows Installer Service can be configured by Group Policy Editor to manage how applications are installed and maintained within your organization. You can manage an application within a Group Policy object, which is in turn associated with a particular Active Directory container- either a site, a domain, or an organizational unit.

Testing Windows Installer group policies for domain use can be easily accomplished by using the Group Policy Editor on a Windows XP Professional desktop. To open Group Policy to edit the local Group Policy object, click Start, click Run, type gpedit.msc, and then press ENTER.

There are are two areas for configuring group policy for Windows Installer:

1. Computer options
2. User options


Windows Installer Group Policy computer options are the following: (Options depend on the type of Windows you are running.)

  • Disable Windows Installer
  • Always install with elevated privileges
  • Prohibit rollback
  • Remove browse dialog box for new source
  • Prohibit patching
  • Disable IE security prompt for Windows Installer scripts
  • Enable user control over installs
  • Enable user to browse for source while elevated
  • Enable user to use media source while elevated
  • Enable user to patch elevated products
  • Allow admin to install from Terminal Services session
  • Cache transforms in secure location on workstation
  • Logging
  • Prohibit User Installs
  • Turn off creation of System Restore Checkpoints
  • Prohibit removal of updates
  • Enforce upgrade components rule
  • Prohibit non-administrators from applying vendor signed updates
  • Baseline file cache maximum size

Windows Installer Group Policy user options are the following:

  • Always install with elevated privileges
  • Search order
  • Prohibit rollback
  • Prevent removable media source for any install