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About Us

InstallWorld is a privately held company that specializes in software installation engineering and consulting for Microsoft Windows platforms.

InstallWorld helps companies author reliable Windows Installer (MSI) packages for Windows platforms keeping your customers happy and your support costs down. InstallWorld consultants are highly experienced setup developers who have in-depth knowledge about commonly used industry standard software installation technologies such as Windows Installer, Windows Installer XML (WiX), Wise, and InstallShield.

InstallWorld Corporation is founded in 2005 by a group of IT professionals (former Wise guys) having more than eight years experience developing complex setup scripts, Microsoft Windows Installer setups for a wide, international range of large, small clients, providing best practices consulting to significant number of Fortune 500 companies.

If you need assistance from an expert setup engineer to resolve your Windows Installer, Windows Installer XML (WiX), Wise, or InstallShield specific problems, InstallWorld consultants are here for your organization. Our consultants can help optimizing your installations for all Windows platforms by reducing your development time.

InstallWorld setup development training courses are also available for your training needs in Windows Installer and Windows Installer XML (WiX).

You can visit our "Services" section to learn more about InstallWorld professional services and training programs.