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Why WiX?

What does ICE06 check?

ICE06 checks every table to validate that all the columns listed in the _Validation table are present in the table. The _Validation table is a system table that contains the column names and the data types for all of the tables in the database. It is used during the database validation process to ensure that all columns are accounted for and have the correct values. If a table does not exist, any _Validation entries for that table are ignored.

When does ICE06 show up?

ICE06 posts an error if it detects instances in which an author tries to use a new _Validation table that reflects a schema change with an old database that has not been updated. ICE06 also detects the reverse case of an old _Validation table being used with an altered database. Essentially, ICE06 will show up when there is a table column defined in the _Validation table that is not listed in the _Columns table.

How can I fix ICE06?

You will need to update your _Validation table or alter your MSI database schema.