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Why WiX?

What does ICE15 check?

ICE15 validates that content type and extension references in the MIME and Extension tables are reciprocal. The MIME table must reference a content type to an extension that the Extension table references back to the same content type. Multiple extensions can reference the same MIME type, as long as the MIME type references back to one of the extensions. Multiple MIME types can reference the same extension, as long as the extension references back to one of the MIME types.

Note: Whenever a MIME references an extension, that extension cannot have the MIME_ column in the Extension table set to Null.

When does ICE15 show up?

ICE15 posts an error if the content type and extension references are not reciprocal.

How can I fix ICE15?

You will need to take a look at ContentType, and Extension_ columns of MIME table as well as Extension, and MIME_ columns of Extension table to find if references are reciprocal.

Note: “_” (i.e. underscore character) used in a column name is an indication of a foreign key (i.e. primary key of another table). Such a column name also gives you an indication about which table it links to. For example, MIME_ column of Extension table is a foreign key that links the table to MIME table where the primary key is ContentType. Hence, you should see the same data under both columns for records that are reciprocal.