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Why WiX?

What does ICE27 check?

ICE27 validates the sequence tables (i.e., AdvtExecuteSequence, AdminUISequence, AdminExecuteSequence, InstallUISequence, InstallExecuteSequence tables) of an installation package for valid actions, action sequence restrictions, and organization in Search, Costing, Selection, and Execution sections.

The ICE27 custom action validates the following:

  • That the actions listed in the Action column of the sequence tables are standard actions, a custom action listed in the CustomAction table, or a dialog box listed in the Dialog table.
  • That actions subject to sequencing restrictions are in the correct relative order to each other in the action sequence. Sequencing restrictions result when one action is dependent on another.
  • That actions restricted to a particular section of the sequence are located where they belong.

When does ICE27 show up?

ICE27 posts an error message if there are sequence tables in the package with invalid action sequencing or organization.

How can I fix ICE27?

If there is an unknown action found in a standard table, depending on the action either a custom action must be added to CustomAction table or a dialog box must be listed in the Dialog table.

If there is an action that is in wrong place in the sequence table, you must change the sequence number of the action to place it to the correct location in the sequence.

If there is an action depends on the execution of another action in the sequence, one of the two actions must be re-placed in the action sequence by updating the action sequence number so that the dependent action always gets executed first.