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Why WiX?

What does ICE30 check?

ICE30 validates that the installation of components containing the same file never installs the file more than once in the same directory. ICE30 checks both long file names (LFN) and short file names (SFN).

ICE30 can detect file collisions due to directories with the same property in their paths, but does not detect collisions resulting from two properties having the same value due to possible change of a property value at run-time.

When does ICE30 show up?

ICE30 posts an error message for each pair of components that installs the same file to the same directory.

How can I fix ICE30?

Unless two (or more) components have mutually exclusive conditions, they must not install the same file to the same location. Doing so will break the component reference counting system.

In order to fix ICE30, you should either conditionalize both components or make sure that components install the file to different targets.