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Why WiX?

What does ICE34 check?

ICE34 validates that each radio button on every RadioButtonGroup Control has a property in the Property column of the RadioButton table that specifies its radio button group. ICE34 validates that this property exists and is set to a default value in the Property table which is equal to one of the group's radio button values in the Value column of the RadioButton table.

A radio button group must have a default for users to be able to select a choice using the TAB key. This is required for proper user accessibility. Property used for a RadioButtonGroup control keeps the selection made by the user.

ICE34 also reports missing tables.

When does ICE34 show up?

ICE34 post an error message if there is a radio button that does not have a property or specifies an invalid property.

How can I fix ICE34?

To fix the errors reported by this ICE34, you need to check the following:
  • Every RadioButton control entry without the indirect attribute set has a property listed in the Property column.
  • Every such property has at least one corresponding entry in the RadioButton table.
  • Every such property is defined in the Property table, with a value that is one of the choices from the RadioButton table.
  • Every property referenced in the Property column of a RadioButton control with the indirect attribute set is defined in the Property table.