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Why WiX?

What does ICE50 check?

ICE50 checks that shortcut icons are specified to display correctly and match their target file's extension.

When does ICE50 show up?

ICE50 posts an error message if the extension of the icon and target files do not match. ICE50 posts a warning if icons are stored in files that do not have an .exe or .ico extension.

How can I fix ICE50?

  • If the extensions of the icon and the target file do not match, the shortcut will not have the correct context menu when the component is advertised. To fix this error, rename the icon to match the extension of the target file.
  • Some versions of the shell incorrectly display icons stored in files that do not have extensions of "exe" or "ico". To fix this warning, rename the icon have an extension of "exe" or "ico".