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Why WiX?

What does ICE55 check?

ICE55 validates that all LockPermission objects exist and have valid permission values.

Note: The LockPermissions table is used to secure individual portions of your application in a locked-down environment. It can be used to set permissions on installation of files, registry keys, and created folders for specific users/groups.

When does ICE55 show up?

ICE55 post an error if a LockObject listed in the LockPermissions table does not exist or if no privilege level is specified in the Permission column.

How can I fix ICE55?

  • If there is an object record in the LockPermission without a permission value, specify a numeric value in Permission column. If no privileges are needed for this object then you should remove the row.
  • If an object described in the LockPermissions table is not listed in the appropriate table (i.e., File, Registry, CreateFolder), refer to a valid object.