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Why WiX?

What does ICE57 check?

ICE57 validates that individual components do not mix per-machine and per-user data. This ICE custom action checks registry entries, files, directory key paths, and non-advertised shortcuts.

Mixing per-user and per-machine data in the same component could result in only partial installation of the component for some users in a multi-user environment. For example, after the installation for everyone on the same machine, a new user may not be able to get per-user data due to the poor design of components. This can lead to application run-time problems.

When does ICE57 show up?

ICE57 posts an error if it finds any component that contains both a per-machine and per-user registry entries, files, directory key paths, or non-advertised shortcuts.

How can I fix ICE57?

To fix ICE57 errors, reorganize the application such that each component contains only per-user or per-machine resources, and not both.