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Why WiX?

What does ICE68 check?

ICE68 checks that all custom action types needed for an installation are valid.

Failure to fix the error reported by ICE68 causes an installation that attempts to execute the action to fail.

ICE68 issues a warning if the action is set to run in system context without specifying it as a deferred execution custom action.

When does ICE68 show up?

ICE68 returns an error if an action type needed for an installation is invalid.

How can I fix ICE68?

  • If ICE68 shows up due to a custom action marked to run with elevated privileges but not specified as deferred, you must set the action to be deferred. Otherwise, the custom action will execute under user context.
  • If ICE68 shows up because of an invalid custom action type, choose a valid custom action type for the action.