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Why WiX?

What does ICE79 check?

ICE79 validates the references to components and features entered in the database fields using the Condition data type.

Note: The Condition data type is a text string containing a valid conditional statement that can be evaluated as true or false.

When does ICE79 show up?

  • ICE79 posts warning if _Validation table is missing in the installation database.
  • ICE79 also posts warning if there is an error retrieving value from a column in a table.
  • ICE79 posts error if an invalid component reference is found.
  • ICE79 also posts error if an invalid feature reference is found.

How can I fix ICE79?

  • To fix ICE79 error, enter valid records for conditions of feature and conditions in the Feature and the Condition table.
  • To fix ICE79 warning, add the _Validation table (if missing) in the database.