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Why WiX?

What does ICE81 check?

ICE81 validates the MsiDigitalCertificate table and MsiDigitalSignature table. This ICE custom action posts warnings for digital certificates that are unused or unreferenced, and it posts an error when the signed object does not exist or when the signed object's cabinet does not point to external data.

When does ICE81 show up?

  • ICE81 posts warning if all or some Digital Certificate records are unused in the installation database.
  • ICE81 posts error the Media table does not exist but MsiDigitalSignature has entries.
  • ICE81 posts error if the Media table exists, but the entry in MsiDigitalSignature is not present in Media table.
  • ICE81 posts error if a signed object's cabinet does not point to external data.

How can I fix ICE81?

  • To fix ICE81 warning, add record(s) to MsiDigitalSignature table.
  • If MsiDigitalSignature table has entries but the Media table does not exist, add the Media table to the package and add records to the Media table.
  • If a signed object’s cabinet does not point to external data, update the cabinet so that it can point to an object outside the package.