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Why WiX?

What does ICE84 check?

ICE84 checks the AdvtExecuteSequence table, AdminExecuteSequence table, and the InstallExecuteSequence table to verify that the following standard actions have not been set with conditions in the Condition field.

  • CostInitialize action
  • CostFinalize action
  • FileCost action
  • InstallValidate action
  • InstallInitialize action
  • InstallFinalize action
  • ProcessComponents action
  • PublishFeatures action
  • PublishProduct action
  • RegisterProduct action
  • UnpublishFeatures action

If conditions are found, ICE84 posts a warning.

When does ICE84 show up?

ICE84 posts a warning if a required action has been authored with a condition.

How can I fix ICE84?

To fix ICE84, remove the conditions around required actions listed above.