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Why WiX?

What does ICE90 check?

ICE90 validates the Shortcut table and uses the Directory table. It checks if a shortcut’s directory is specified as a public property and is under user profile directory.

The names of Public Properties are written in uppercase letters. A shortcut specified by a public property may not work if the value of the ALLUSERS property changes in the UI sequence.

Note: The ALLUSERS property determines where the configuration information of the installed application is stored (per-user versus per-machine). If ALLUSERS is not set, the installer does a per-user installation.

When does ICE90 show up?

ICE90 posts a warning if it finds that a shortcut's directory has been specified as a public property and is under user profile directory.

How can I fix ICE90?

To fix this warning, change your property name to become a private property (i.e., use at least one lowercase letter in the name). If a private property is used, you should NOT give any “Select Shortcut Folder” or “Program Group” type of option on the user interface of your installer.

Note: On Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT, you cannot set a private property in the user interface phase of the installation and then pass the value to the execution phase. On earlier systems, this is possible because the user interface and execution sequences run in the same process.