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Why WiX?

What does ICE96 check?

ICE96 verifies that the PublishFeatures action and the PublishProduct action are entered in the AdvtExecuteSequence table. A package cannot be advertised without these actions.

Note: The PublishFeatures action writes each feature's state into the system registry.

Note: The PublishProduct action manages the advertisement of the product information with the system. It publishes the product if the product is in advertise mode or if any feature is being installed or reinstalled.

When does ICE96 show up?

ICE96 posts a warning if PublishFeatures and/or PublishProduct actions are not specified in the advertising sequence table (i.e.,  AdvtExecuteSequence).

How can I fix ICE96?

To fix ICE96, add PublishFeatures and/or PublishProduct standard actions to AdvtExecuteSequence table.