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Symbols and references

Symbols and references

Every symbol in an object file is composed of the element name plus the unique identifier from the “Id” attribute. Symbols are important because they can be referenced by other sections from any source file. For example, a <Directory/> structure can be defined in a <Fragment/> in one source file and a <Component/> can be defined under a different source file’s <Fragment/>. By making the <DirectoryRef/> element a parent of the <Component/> an explicit reference is created that references the symbol defined by a <Directory/> in the first source file. The linker is then responsible for stitching the symbol and the reference together in a single Windows Installer database. In some cases, implicit references are generated by the compiler while processing a source file. These implicit references behave identically to explicit references.

In addition to the simple references described above, WiX supports specific complex references. Complex references are used in cases where the linker must generate extra information to link the symbol and reference together. The perfect example of a complex reference is in the Windows Installer’s Feature/Component relationship. When a <Component/> is referenced explicitly by a <Feature/> through a <ComponentRef/> element, the linker must take the <Feature/>’s symbol and the <Component/>’s symbol and add an entry to the FeatureComponents table.

This Feature/Component relationship is even more complex because certain elements in a <Component/>, for example <Shortcut/>, have references back to the primary Feature associated with the Component. These references from a child element of a <Component/> are called reverse references or sometimes feature backlinks. Processing complex references and reverse references is probably the most difficult work the linker has to do.