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Why WiX?
What is heat?

Heat – Code generation tool

Heat is the successor of Tallow which does not exist in WiX 3.0.

Heat has the capability to quickly capture files and directories from a computer and turn them into WiX authoring.

Heat enables you to very quickly harvest an entire directory of files and any self-registration inside of those files. So if you have an entire directory of DLL files which each use self-reg for their COM registration, you no longer need to run Tallow on each individual file. You can just run

heat.exe dir C:\directory -out sourceFile.wxs

Heat also has the capability to capture IIS web sites. You can run

heat.exe website “My WebSite Name” -out sourceFile.wxs

to harvest a web site and all its files. You can then compile and link with the WixIIsExtension to create an entire web site setup in minutes.