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Why WiX?
Windows Installer XML Standard custom actions

Windows Installer XML Standard custom actions

The WiX toolset contains several custom actions to handle configuring resources such as Internet Information Services web sites and virtual directories, SQL Server databases and scripts, user accounts, file shares, and more. These custom actions are provided in WiX extensions: WixIIsExtension, WixNetFxExtension, WixSqlExtension, WixUtilExtension, WixVSExtension.

  • Internet Information Services (IIS) custom action (WixIIsExtension) - create and configure web sites, virtual directories, web applications, etc.
  • SQL Server custom action (WixSqlExtension) - create databases and execute SQL scripts and statements.
  • User custom action (WixUtilExtension) - create and configure new users.
  • FileShare custom action (WixUtilExtension) - create and configure file shares (SMB).
  • Performance Counter custom action (WixUtilExtension) - install and uninstall performance counters.
  • Native Image custom action (WixNetFxExtension) - generate native code for .NET assemblies.
  • Visual Studio custom actions (WixVSExtension) - detect Visual Studio editions and register VSPackages.
  • Secure Objects custom action - secure (using ACLs) objects that standard LockPermission table cannot. For further information see the Extended attribute in <Permission/>.
  • Service Configuration custom action - configure attributes of a Windows Service that the ServiceInstall table cannot.
  • Quiet Execution custom action - launch console executables without displaying a window.
  • ShellExecute custom action - launch document or URL targets via the Windows shell.
  • OSInfo custom actions - set extra properties over the MSI set for OS information and standard directories.
  • XmlFile custom action - allows you to configure XML files as part of your installation package.